The iKon Awards will reward and recognise exceptional individuals and organisations that carry the spirit of creativity, innovation and enterprise in the Film and Television society in 32 categories.





Ikon Nominations Announcement


The Harness

Designed by Ugandan-based creative house, Addmaya, the accolade takes the form of a locally crafted basked called a 'Kibo', a respected ornament in Ugandan culture. With the sun at its centre, the accolade symbolises the harvest of an outstanding level of greatness. We believe its a fitting souvenir for the iKon award winners.


The selection criteria of the iKon awards - Film and Television will ensure variables like impact and uniqueness in production and storytelling. The number of beneficiaries will be considered by a fairly selected guild, with nominees revealed at a press conference in August 2022 and winners awarded on 23rd March 2023. The nomination process is free and fair.

  • Film Awards

    Recognizes achievements in Cinema by awarding individuals, groups or organization's that have spearheaded innovations, mastered the art of storytelling and pushed imaginative boundaries to screens allover the globe telling the Afrikan story

  • Television Awards

    Rewarding personalities, organizations' and industry leaders upon the work and efforts done to keep the millions entertained wherever they are.

  • Special Awards

    Special Awards are presented to individuals, teams of individuals, or organizations not appropriately recognized by Film and Television, but to those that have made important contributions to society.

  • Eligibility

    Any individual, personality, organization are eligible to apply for the iKon awards: film and television by simply submitting their entry in the desired category of choice via the awards section of the website.

  • Impact caused

    A picture says 1000 words, these words capture the untold stories! iKon Awards looks to track outstanding content that impacts livelihoods millions.